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Stucco Overview: Background

  • Valued as a siding material for its attractiveness, durability, and relatively low maintenance exterior finish
  • For many, stucco is a huge upgrade to vinyl siding and yet less expensive that brick or stone
  • Stucco is a porous material which absorbs moisture, make it an ideal choice in parts of the country that experience an abundance of dry weather

Stucco Overview: What Went Wrong

  • Stucco did not fail, the system failed!
  • In areas with high precipitation like the NE, This precipitation will penetrate the stucco’s porous surface and if the stucco was not installed properly and the installer did not employ the use of moisture barriers, weep screeds or flashing; the water will get trapped under the stucco and will absorb into other materials
  • Aside from moisture problems; poor craftsmanship, inferior aggregate products and failure to install expansion joints are also common causes of stucco failure in our area

Stucco Overview: How to Identify Stucco Failure

There are several tell-tale signs of stucco failure, here are the most common:
  • Exterior Signs: Cracking or Breaking, Brown streaks appear below the corners of windows or where windows are joined, Brown streaks appear at intersections of walls and roofs
  • Interior Signs: Leaking windows or doors, Bottoms of windows are discolored, Base trim is warped, Wet carpet, Moldy smell in the home

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